Special conditions for selling and shipping goods

1-Delivery terms: If the total amount of each invoice is less than 500 kilograms, buyer should pay for all the shipping costs. But for higher amounts, company will pay total shipping fare up to the customer's warehouse door.

2- Payment Method: Payment method is only in cash and by Internet before shipping.

3- Load Timescale: The time of delivery of goods is between 1 to 8 business days after the customer pays an invoice.

4- Price terms: The above prices are base and for the values ​​below 100kg and the values ​​of 100-500 kg including 3% discount, 500 kg up to 1 ton contains 6% and above 1 ton contains 9% discount.

This terms are for all products except pizza bread powder.

the following terms apply for sale and delivery of pizza bread powder:

Volume discounts are as below:

For 4 tones: 1%- 7 tones: 1.5% and 10 tones: 3%.

5 percent discount for paying cash

The minimum purchase for representatives is 500 kilograms.

Company will pay shipping costs.